Waterproof snood - Space

Waterproof snood - Space

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This fabric is soft, gorgeous and waterproof - what more could you want in a spaniel snood to keep those beautiful long ears clean and dry?   

Great for dogs who love exploring the great outdoors - a waterproof snood means lots of adventures and sniffaris without those ears dragging on the ground and getting wet or dirty. 

Waterproof snoods are also a must for show dogs.  We know from experience that it is a full time job keeping long coats in show condition and protecting ear feathering from being damaged.  Waterproof snoods keep featherings clean and dry, especially when outside, whether at home, after a bath and blow dry or at the show. Great for keeping ears out of the way when walking your dog on dewy grass, in the rain, through puddles and on wet ground and also for keeping prickles and grass seeds at bay. 

This PUL fabric is a polyester knit fabric bonded to a breathable, waterproof film on the reverse side. 

Care instructions - do not iron, tumble dry or use fabric softeners on this product as it will affect the waterproofing. 


  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Space - navy
  • Length: 23cm
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester (PUL) 
  • Hand made in Tasmania, Australia